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Actor Saša Kekez: Moving to the USA with a Green Card!

German actor Saša Kekez has won the Green Card Lottery with The American Dream and will be immigrating to the USA! In this interview with TAD CEO Holger Zimmermann, he reveals his plans in the United States.

The American Dream managing director Holger Zimmermann and actor Saša Kekez in front of the American flag.

The American Dream CEO Holger Zimmermann (left) welcomed actor Saša Kekez to The American Dream headquarters in Berlin.

Holger: Hi Saša - good to see you today! You have just won the Green Card with us. First of all, congratulations!

Saša: Thank you!

Holger: How long have you had the dream of going to the USA?

Saša: The dream of living and working in the USA is relatively new. But I have always had a passion for the country and its people. When I was little, I even forced my parents to paint my room "Statue of Liberty green"! That's what they did. It didn't look pretty, but I was happy. I just always wanted to go to the USA. Actually, I also wanted to do a year abroad in the 11th grade, but that wasn't affordable for my family, and also, my school performance didn't allow me to go. But since then it has been clear to me: I want to go to the USA! When I was a bit older, of course, I went there and had a look. And at some point, I thought: Why not live here, too? I think the decision was made in 2019 when I said, "You know what? You're not getting any younger. If not now, when?

Holger: Okay, and then you just gave it a try in the Green Card Lottery?

Saša: Exactly. You can't just say: well, I'm in the USA now and I want to work. That's not possible. So I researched what options were available. And the Green Card Lottery was the most obvious one.

A chat at The American Dream Diner in Berlin

Saša Kekez talks about his American dream over donuts and coffee at The American Dream diner.

Holger: That worked out fairly well. You participated twice and won this year.

Saša: Yeah, funny story: when I got the email with the winning notification, I thought it was spam. After all, I get emails like that all the time, "You won an XY!" And that's why I didn't think I won until the third email!

Holger: (Laughs) Yes, we hear that quite a lot! Now, there's so much coming up for you in the next few months. What are your plans?

Saša: The next months will, of course, be demanding in terms of planning. There is a lot to be prepared. Fortunately, you take most of the paperwork off my hands. It's good to have you by my side. So first of all, there is a lot of excitement. I will plan many things, but I will always leave a little room for “Let's see what happens!”

Holger: We'll be happy to accompany you until your interview at the US Embassy! It will probably take place at the beginning of next year. And then, theoretically, you could go to the USA straight away. Are you planning to move soon? And do you have actual plans for the States yet?

Instagram post from Saša Kekez

Clear statement on Saša's Instagram profile: Provincetown stole his heart.
© Saša Kekez

Saša: There are ideas already. However, I can't leave right after the interview because I still have work commitments. After all, I didn't expect to win the Green Card so quickly. But then, I am heading for Boston / Cape Cod. Provincetown, to be exact. I'll be working there, and I've been taking on jobs that I can do remotely and online so that the transition will be smooth. And then, I'm just going to see what happens. I'm also comfortable doing dishes and making rooms. That's the American Dream, after all. That's how you start.

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Holger: That's how some of our Green Card winners have gotten their foot in the door. And do you want to be an actor in the USA, too?

Saša: Well, if Marvel calls (laughs), sure! But I'm also a realist, and I know that no one will come knocking tomorrow. The plan is to get a foothold first. My dream would be - this might sound a bit corny - to have my own little bed & breakfast in Provincetown in Cape Cod. I'd love that!

Holger: That sounds like a great American Dream! Just another quick word about acting: We did a little research and found out that your series role on the German TV Show "Sturm der Liebe" also emigrated to the USA. Was that just a coincidence?

Behind the scenes at our The American Dream set at the diner.

Lights, camera, and action! We also recorded a video interview with Saša in our in-house diner.

Saša: As far as I know, yes. Or they had a crystal ball and thought, "Ah yes, an unsuccessful actor wants to go to the USA, we'll write that! (laughs) So, exactly, Goran Kalkbrenner - the name of my role - went to L.A. back then to become a big action hero there. Did he make it? We don't know! But in case "Sturm der Liebe" wants to pick up the thread again, I'm, of course, available on location at any time (laughs), will shoot in the USA, and send the footage to Germany.

Holger: (Laughs) Great! So, is there a reason why you chose The American Dream to participate in the Green Card Lottery?

Saša: I googled. I already knew I wanted to participate in the Green Card Lottery, and you guys were displayed to me immediately. I know there is the possibility to do it all by yourself and apply on your own. But I also knew I would have the best chance if I did it with you - because I'm always a bit sloppy with paperwork. I know that as soon as something isn't filled out correctly in the Green Card Lottery, or the photo isn't in the right format, you're out. For me, it was clear: If I want to have the opportunity, it would be with you as a partner, where someone checks the documents and then says, for example, "Oh, by the way, the photo has to be a little different, etc., etc."

Holger: Glad that you were feeling well taken care of. And it worked out pretty quickly, too.

Saša: Absolutely! I am super happy! I was just telling a colleague on the phone yesterday that somehow everyone is so nice and proactive here. They point out everything to you once again. That was important for me: "You've won the Green Card Lottery" doesn't mean we're done now. I always have a contact person to whom I can ask my questions - and there are a lot of them.

Holger: Yes, nobody can imagine beforehand how much more there is to do after winning a Green Card. We see time and again that there is high demand. First of all, to get the application right, and then go through the immigration process until you get the Green Card. I hope you will be back to present your Green Card to us.

Saša: Yes, of course!

Holger: Any advice for other participants who, unfortunately, haven't won yet?

Saša: All I can say is: If they have done everything by themselves so far, they should in the future do it with you because you have more experience in eliminating sources of error. I strongly recommend this. And otherwise: Keep trying. You know what they say: "And if at first, you don't succeed, then dust yourself off and try again!"

Holger: I agree! So, with that in mind, good luck to all who keep trying! And thank you for coming by today, Saša!

Saša: Thanks for having me over!

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