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Green Card Benefits

The USA is one of the most popular countries for immigrants from around the world and the Green Card is the most highly sought-after document for people who want to make their dream of living in the USA come true! Whether as student, pensioner or as a whole family: those who manage to get a Green Card will also get to enjoy all its benefits.

General Green Card Benefits

The US Green Card gives you the right to enter the United States as a permanent resident – and without all the complications and bureaucracy. If you want to permanently settle in the USA as a Green Card holder, there are no restrictions to where you can go and all 50 US states are open to you.

Moreover, with a Green Card you can also exercise, apart from voting, almost all the rights that a US citizen has without having to give up your current citizenship. If you decide you want to become a US citizen, then you can apply for US citizenship after living in America for five years. There is no rule requiring you to immediately immigrate immediately after receiving the Green Card, but it should be your intention.   

The advantages of the GreenCard

Additionally, there are many benefits to simply living in America:

  • The USA still dominates the world economy.
  • With extremely low real estate prices and a high standard of living at a low cost, many regions in the United States have lower living costs compared to other countries, like Germany.
  • The fact that the United States has recovered from its housing and finance crisis is also an advantage for immigrants who are coming to the country to join a bustling and expanding job market.
  • The U.S. economy has been growing over the last years and the USA should be experiencing its next economic boom soon.    
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Studying in the USA

Foreign students studying at a university in the USA usually pay much higher tuition fees than local students. This is not the case, however, for foreign students who have a Green Card.

  • University tuition fees can be reduced by as much as 80% with a Green Card.
  • Green Card holders do not have to go through the long and complicated process of applying for a student visa.
  • Students with a U.S. Green Card can also apply for federal student loans.

Harvard on the east coast or Berkeley on the west coast – where do you want to go? A Green Card opens the door to studying at a renowned U.S. university and you get a head start in your new American life!  

Financial benefits for students

A further plus point: Foreigners studying in the USA who take on a part-time job are subject to established work restrictions. In comparison to those studying with a student visa, Green Card holders are allowed to work off campus as well as study. This is a significant advantage as it widens the job market and expands options. There are other benefits of studying in the USA as well. Being able to speak English is fundamentally a must in today’s job market and learning a language abroad is the best way to gain these competencies. 

Student in the USA

The Green Card makes it possible to study at U.S. universities at a much lower cost

Working in the USA a freelancer

Do you want to be a part of the next new tech wave to hit Silicon Valley? Has it always been your dream to open a seaside restaurant on a sunny beach in Florida? If you are willing to work, the United States is the perfect place to make your dream job come true!

  • The USA has the world’s largest economy, which is no surprise considering America’s can-do attitude and penchant for innovation and creativity.
  • The USA is constantly on the search for new talent! If you already have an idea for the next big start-up, then the next thing you need is a Green Card to work in the United States.
Businessman standing in front of large window looking over big city

Only with the Green Card you can work as a foreigner in the USA for an unlimited period of time.

The US business climate encourages people with great ideas to start a business more so than anywhere else. Having a Green Card will free you from the bureaucratic stress and uncertainty of applying for a work visa. Getting certain licenses for business and trade is also quicker and easier with a Green Card.

And last but not least, the U.S. dollar has remained one of the most stable convertible currencies over the past several decades. The dollar, which has been strengthening over the last few months, is a safe investment in turbulent economic times. Now is the time to do business in the USA. Take advantage of lower investment costs now and you will profit from a strengthening U.S. dollar. an employee

The Green Card is a lifelong US work and resident permit that frees you from the bureaucratic stress and uncertainties of applying for a visa. For a temporary work visa, getting a concrete job offer in the USA is the first obstacle you need to overcome. In order to apply for a U.S. work visa, you have to have an employer sponsor you.

  • As a Green Card holder, you can work where you want and for whom you want.
  • Moreover, getting certain business and trade licenses is quicker and easier with a Green Card.
  • As a legal resident, you will not be subjected to many of the strict working restrictions in place for non-Americans. 

There are many advantages to being a Green Card holder and the freedom to explore the entire American job market is one of them! It does not matter if you want to be employed or work as a freelancer, having the Green Card as your work permit will open the door to endless job opportunities. Not subject to the work restrictions US visa holders face, Green Card holders are free to explore the entire American job market.

Retirement in the USA

For every immigrant in the USA that wants to take a trip across the USA with tent in tow, there is a pensioner seeking a little peace and quiet in the USA. The Green Card makes it possible for people to permanently retire in the USA.

  • Many people who would like to spend their retirement in the USA usually apply for the well-known Tourist Visa (B-visa).
  • The B-visa is issued for 10 years and many people mistakenly believe that they can then spend the entire 10 years in the USA. This, however, is not the case.
  • If you take a closer look, B-1 visa holders are only allowed to stay in the USA for a maximum of 6 months at a time. As a result, many people do not willingly return to their home country.
  • There is still no special visa for pensioners in the USA.
  • The Green Card, however, gives people who have retired a chance to legally emigrate to the USA.

There are many benefits for pensioners in the USA who have a Green Card – including, of course, being able to spend the entire day in the sun. If you are a retired Green Card holder, you are entitled to the pension you have earned in both your home country and in the United States.

Senior couple with US flags smiling at camera

If you want to enjoy a stress-free retirement in the U.S., you need a Green Card.

Retired Green Card holders living in the USA can also benefit from medical aid programs like Medicare and other social welfare programs. The only requirement is that you have lived in the USA for at least five years. If you have ever played with the idea of spending your retirement relaxing in a rocker on a Florida beach, then you should think of getting a U.S. Green Card. Winning the Green Card Lottery is the easiest way.

Moving to the USA as a Family

When a family member wins a Green Card, the rest of the family profits too. Which family members can come with you to the USA? If you win a Green Card, your spouse and all your children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 automatically get one too. This is also the case for people in same-sex marriages.

Furthermore, Green Card holders can, under certain circumstances, apply for special visas for other family members so that they may join them in the USA. In these cases, you must be prepared for long waiting periods. 

It does not matter if you are dreaming of a large house and garden for your whole family or if would prefer to live in the hustle and bustle of the big city in the USA: The Green Card comes with many benefits for you and your family. Also, the importance of English is growing in a globalizing world. In the USA, your children will grow up speaking English and getting a good education. The doors to the future job market will stand wide open for those who master these skills.


Green Card Holder

US Citizen


A spouse automatically gets a Green Card if they attend the interview appointment.

There are waiting times for a Green Card if the Green Card holder applies for a spousal visa after the interview appointment.

A spouse can immediately apply for a Green Card.


Fiancé visa not possible

Fiancé visa possible

Unmarried children under the age of 21

Children automatically get a Green Card if they attend the interview appointment.

There are waiting times for a Green Card if the Green Card holder applies for a visa after the interview appointment.

Children born in the USA are automatically US citizens.

Children born outside of the USA can immediately apply for a Green Card or citizenship.


Not possible

US citizens can immediately apply for a Green Card for their parents.

Children over 21 / married children/ siblings

Not possible

US citizens can apply for a Green Card, but should expect waiting times.

If you are dreaming of:

  • living in the USA for a longer period of time,
  • starting a new life in the land of your dreams,
  • studying at a renowned U.S. university,
  • tapping into new professional prospects,
  • going into business for yourself,
  • enjoying your retirement, … 

… then don’t hesitate to take your future into your own hands!

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