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Green Card Winner Testimonials

More than 21.000 winners are the living proof that it is possible to make your dream of living and working in the USA a reality. Read more about our winners who won a Green Card with us.

Voices of our Green Card winners:

I got it... Although I have always been a big fan of the USA and dreamed the American Dream, it was only 5 years ago that I made the decision to seriously consider emigrating. In addition to detailed plans, the Green Card Lottery was also on the agenda, which I won on my 3rd try! I don't think it gets much better than that. The feeling after receiving the winning notification was incredible! Thanks to the TAD team for the great support! Especially the winning brochure is worth its weight in gold, so helpful, and it makes the whole process so much easier. I highly recommend The American Dream!
Michael from Munich
Thanks to The American Dream for the support in participating in the Green Card Lottery. Whenever I had a question, I received competent advice and can, therefore, definitely recommend The American Dream.
Julian aus Duisburg
We were so excited to finally receive our Green Cards! It is such an honor to join the ranks of American immigrants. Freedom and personal responsibility, values that have always been a guiding principle for both of us in our individual and shared history. For both of us, this is a great opportunity to get to know ourselves and American culture even better and to merge with each other. Our loved ones are as happy for us as we are! Thank you so much for your support and for making everything go so smoothly. We'll be posting about our process on our Instagram account @bavaricans! 😊
Carrick and Eva from Fuerth
When I was 19, I spent a year in the USA working at Walt Disney World. Since then I have been fascinated by this country and regularly entered the Green Card Lottery. After almost 20 years it finally happened and I won the Green Card in DV-2023. The American Dream was always by my side and accompanied me through the whole process. Every question was answered in no time and I always felt well taken care of. Thank you so much!
Sebastian L. from Munich
"Congratulations on winning your Green Card!" When the email with that subject line from American Dream hit my inbox over a year ago, I could hardly believe it. It wasn't until a few days later that I began to understand: "Yes, this is really happening! More than a year later, my husband and I are finally holding our Green Cards in our hands. Thank you, The American Dream, for the good preparation at every step of our journey so far and for the competent advice—and, of course, for making our American Dream possible!
Laura S. from Burbach and her husband, Hendrik
After 25 years of playing the Green Card Lottery, a big thank-you goes to Berlin! Winning the 2022 lottery was the greatest gift for us. We were in the process of renewing our visas and waiting for an appointment at the embassy for the interview, which was scheduled for June. When I opened the emails from The American Dream in May 2022, I couldn't believe I had won. Now I had to get all my documents together to apply for the Green Card; I had to get a medical exam to make sure I had all my shots, take fingerprints for the authorities, and have my passport photos taken. In April 2023, we were finally allowed to hold our "Permanent Resident Card" in our hands. A dream came true. Thanks again to the entire team at The American Dream for making this possible.
Petra Lehmann with her husband, Andreas Lehmann, and daughter, Hanna Lehmann
Take US home, Country Roads... Finally, the time has come! After several attempts, it worked out. A childhood dream comes true. On the way to get the Green Card, we made our first trip to the USA and got married in Las Vegas. We immediately fell in love with the country. We can't wait to move there now. Thanks to the TAD team for their support!
Kevin and Angelina from Elsdorf, Germany
Dear Team of The American Dream, Recently, I received my Green Card, and I would like to thank you for it. Without you, this wouldn't have been possible! Ever since getting to know the U.S. during my exchange year, I’ve dreamed of being able to live there! The people, their values, and the beautiful sights of the nation impressed me profoundly. After college fell through, thanks to COVID, I was devastated to see my dream crumble in my hands, but thanks to the great help from The American Dream, I was able to fulfill it after all! Now I can’t wait to start my American life!
Lillian aus Hamburg
We were on our way to vacation when we found out we had won the Green Card. What followed was an exciting year, but with the support of TAD and the winners group, all the deadlines and formalities were easily met! Fate challenged us once again, but after two canceled flights for the activation trip, we made it to New York on the third try and 5 days before the visa expired. Thanks again for your kind support, dear TAD team! In den USA orientieren wir uns in Virginia und sind tätig im Bereich „Coaching, Health and Nutrition“. Ganz liebe Grüße Sandra & Markus
Sandra and Markus from Cologne
Dear The American Dream - Team, THANK YOU for the support with the participation in the Green Card Lottery! Now we hold the ticket to our American Dream in our hands 😊!!!
Anja and Uwe R. from Reichertshofen
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