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Winner statistics

Here, you can take a look at the worldwide Green Card Lottery winner statistics of the last years, sorted by continent. Simply click on the year at the top right in the image to display the desired distribution of Green Card winners for a specific year. You can also fly over the world map with the mouse cursor to see the numbers of the individual countries in the selected year, e.g. Green Card winners from the year 2021.

Below you can see the worldwide winner distribution for the selected year:

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Global winner statistics

Europe Albania 2756 Andorra 0 Armenia 2066 Aruba 0 Austria 36 Azerbaijan 919 Belarus 1808 Belgium 35 Bosnia & Herzegovina 67 Bulgaria 220 Croatia 21 Curacao 0 Cyprus 10 Czech Republic 27 Denmark 15 Estonia 24 Faroe Islands 0 Finland 28 France 205 French Polynesia 0 Georgia 1604 Germany 526 Greece 42 Hungary 100 Iceland 8 Ireland 24 Italy 324 Kazakhstan 1978 Kosovo 334 Kyrgyzstan 1993 Latvia 43 Liechtenstein 0 Lithuania 110 Luxembourg 3 Macau 2 North Macedonia 293 Malta 0 Moldova 798 Monaco 0 Montenegro 48 Netherlands 34 New Caledonia 0 Northern Ireland 3 Norway 10 Poland 355 Portugal 20 Romania 264 Russia 6001 San Marino 0 Serbia 214 Sint Maarten 2 Slovakia 24 Slovenia 10 Spain 184 Svalbard 0 Sweden 32 Switzerland 31 Tajikistan 2122 Turkey 2526 Turkmenistan 745 Ukraine 4949 Uzbekistan 6001 Vatican City 0
Africa Algeria 6001 Angola 855 Benin 735 Botswana 4 Burkina Faso 72 Burundi 390 Cabo Verde 12 Cameroon 2656 Central African Rep 21 Chad 231 Comoros 10 Congo 574 Congo Democratic Republic of the 3347 Cote D'Ivoire 597 Djibouti 187 Egypt 6005 Equatorial Guinea 3 Eritrea 261 Ethiopia 2988 Gabon 66 Gambia the 77 Ghana 3145 Guinea 672 Guinea-Bissau 15 Kenya 2882 Lesotho 8 Liberia 1417 Libya 311 Madagascar 19 Malawi 22 Mali 74 Mauritania 158 Mauritius 12 Morocco 4138 Mozambique 2 Namibia 9 Niger 49 Rwanda 983 Sao Tome and Principe 4 Senegal 277 Seychelles 7 Sierra Leone 271 Somalia 435 South Africa 497 South Sudan 75 Sudan 6001 Swaziland 1 Tanzania 103 Togo 1119 Tunisia 203 Uganda 722 Zambia 56 Zimbabwe 222
Asia Afghanistan 3410 Bahrain 15 Bhutan 114 Brunei 2 Burma 561 Cambodia 1094 Hong Kong Special Admin Region 0 Indonesia 218 Iran 5739 Iraq 1512 Israel 207 Japan 510 Jordan 917 Kuwait 222 Laos 22 Lebanon 320 Malaysia 44 Maldives 2 Mongolia 293 Nepal 3802 North Korea 0 Oman 27 Qatar 90 Saudi Arabia 944 Singapore 19 Sri Lanka 838 Syria 483 Taiwan 574 Thailand 186 Timor-Leste 0 United Arab Emirates 275 Yemen 1561
North America Bahamas the 16
Oceania Australia 1031 Cook Islands 19 Fiji 950 Kiribati 11 Marshall Islands 2 Micronesia Federated States of 4 Nauru 9 New Zealand 248 Niue 0 Palau 30 Papua New Guinea 26 Samoa 5 Solomon Islands 11 Tokelau 0 Tonga 133 Tuvalu 4 Vanuatu 4
SOUTH AMERICA, CENTRAL AMERICA, AND THE CARIBBEAN Antigua and Barbuda 0 Argentina 146 Barbados 0 Belize 0 Bolivia 38 Chile 24 Costa Rica 8 Cuba 975 Dominica 3 Ecuador 249 Grenada 0 Guatemala 0 Guyana 5 Honduras 0 Nicaragua 18 Panama 4 Paraguay 0 Saint Kitts and Nevis 0 Saint Lucia 3 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 0 Suriname 4 Trinidad and Tobago 26 Uruguay 0 Venezuela 1800

People born in any of the following countries were not eligible to participate in the DV-2023 Lottery: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (including Hong Kong SAR), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its territories, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam. Read more about the Green Card Lottery requirements.

Six regions in the world, millions of applicants and thousands of lucky Green Card winners: every year, the US authorities release detailed statistics about the distribution of Green Cards to worldwide DV-Lottery winners. You will quickly notice that some countries have more winners than others. Why is the distribution of Green Card winners so different worldwide? Continue reading for an explanation of the worldwide winner statistics.

Maximum limit of Green Cards per country

The idea behind the Green Card Lottery Program is to give people, who would normally not have the chance, the possibility to win an immigrant visa and emigrate to the USA. The program is designed to be fair to all nationalities and keep the United States diverse. Therefore, a certain number of Green Cards are designated for each continent and participating country each year.

Moreover, a certain quota is set each year, which determines the distribution of Green Cards among the different continents with their eligible countries.

Green Card distribution divided by continents

This means that the 55,000 Green Cards will not be drawn in one go. Instead, six separate lotteries are held, so to speak. The participants from each continent are placed in a separate "lottery pot" and compete with each other, but not with the participants from other continents. In theory, the more people apply within a continent, the lower the chances for each individual. However, the more USA lovers apply from one country within a continent, the more Green Cards will likely be won by that country.

To a European, it basically doesn't matter how many people born in Africa or Asia participate in the Green Card Lottery, because they are part of a different contingent.

  • The maximum number of Green Cards issued to any given country is set by law to 3,500 per year.
  • The highest allocations per continent go to Europe and Africa (about 20,000 Green Cards each).

Winner distribution with Africa as an example

Why do the Green Card statistics show that the distribution of winners among countries is not equal? Some countries, especially in Africa, have a much higher number of winners than the maximum of 3,500.

This is simply because Green Card Lottery winners are randomly selected. Within Africa, most of the applicants come from Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon and the Congo. If, for example, 10% of the participants in Africa are from Ethiopia, then 10% of the winners within Africa will be statistically from Ethiopia.

It is therefore possible that Ethiopia has ten times more Green Card winners than South Africa, for example. The likelihood, however, that every winner in Ethiopia will continue with the Green Card application or meet all the requirements is extremely low.

The reason behind this is as follows:

  • Not every winner continues with the Green Card application process.
  • This may be due to the fact that the GreenCard winner does not respond or is not able to fulfill the necessary requirements for a Green Card after all.
  • Whereas in Europe it is rare for a winner to fail because of education, other regions often lack the necessary schooling or professional qualifications to take advantage of the Green Card.
  • In addition, it is often difficult for winners from poorer countries to provide the financial evidence to start a new life in the United States.

Why are there several countries with about 6,000 winners?

What is striking about the DV-2023 is that there are some countries from which there are pretty much 6,000 winners. It can be assumed that, in these cases, more winners were drawn, but only 6,000 people were notified. Experience of the US authorities shows that only up to about this threshold does a realistic chance of receiving one of the 3,500 Green Cards awarded per country exist.

Green Card distribution based on experience

The probability that winners from Europe will meet all the requirements and will be able to continue without any problems is much higher than in South America or Africa. For this reason, approximately 20% fewer winners are notified in Europe than in Africa, so the statistically determined "failure rate" is already taken into account during the drawing. Therefore, if you are a qualified winner from any country with a high number of selectees, do not despair! Your chances are quite high that you will get your Green Card, especially if you trust in The American Dream’s advice during the process!

There are always more winners drawn than there are immigrant visas available. This is to ensure that around 55,000 Green Cards can actually be issued each year. Worldwide, approximately 100,000 people are drawn annually. From this group, the US authorities then expect about 55,000 qualified applicants. As a rule, the sum of the "surplus" of notified winners is well calculated by the years of experience of the US government and generally prevents people who are qualified and also want to accept the Green Card from being left out.

However, disqualifications do not only occur due to small mistakes when applying for the Green Card Lottery "by oneself." Winners also often fall by the wayside due to misunderstandings during the further selection process. After all, if you win, you have to fill out about 70 pages of online forms and present a number of documents at a personal appointment at the US consulate.

Fortunately, this cannot happen to customers of The American Dream. With our 25 years of experience, we ensure that no situation is insurmountable and a personal advisor always knows a way out. The American Dream takes you on the way to the much desired immigrant visa – from submitting the application until you hold the Green Card in your hands!

What are you waiting for? Fulfill your very own American Dream and sign up for the Green Card Lottery.