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A Green Card with us

The American Dream has supported people on their journey to the USA for more than 25 years. Over 21,000 USA fans have already won the Green Card Lottery, thanks to us. Every year, thousands of lucky Green Card winners join them.

Win a Green Card with The American Dream

Our government-licensed immigration consultants take care of all tasks related to the application and processing in the Green Card Lottery process, giving our clients an extra edge over other applicants.

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Among the benefits of participating via The American Dream are:

  • Guaranteed and flawless Green Card Lottery participation
  • A dual check of your application by our USA experts
  • Year-round acceptance of Green Card Lottery applications
  • A convenient and secure application process with your personal customer account
  • Smart photo software to make the Green Card Lottery registration process even easier
  • A secure payment process
  • A participation certificate with the official confirmation of receipt by the US authorities
  • An exclusive winner's packet with essential guidance, tips, and tricks
  • The huge The American Dream expatriate community for one-on-one interaction
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Green Card services for smart and VIP customers

You can access additional benefits with our premium rates if you have any requests beyond the basic services after winning your Green Card with The American Dream.

  • The coverage of flight costs to the USA (round trip) in the event of of a win
  • Preparation for the Green Card interview at the US embassy or consulate
  • A personal advisor as a contact person
  • Use of our New York office for mailing and forwarding of your Green Card and Social Security Card
  • The completion of your immigration application via the DS-260 form by our Green Card experts
  • The compilation of all documents for your immigration petition
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The world's most desired immigrant visa isn't easy to come by. That's why The American Dream has been helping USA fans worldwide through the Green Card process for 25 years.

Your Green Card is within reach!

Do you want to see some happy Green Card winners? Then take a look at our winners' stories. The chances are good that soon, you will be one of the chosen ones and can make your dream of living in the USA come true!

  • Dear "The American Dream" team,
    thank you so much for your great support over the years. Now it has finally worked and after my high school year 2000/2001 in New York State and the internship 2009/2010 in Florida, nothing stands in the way of my childhood dream. I can only recommend all participants who have been spared from success so far... Trying it again and again will pay off sometime!
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    Eric S. - Syke, Germany
  • Many thanks for the great support on our way to the Green Card. Now we have finally received the "real" Green Card. As it looks at the moment, our dream of living in the USA will start in Florida. We can absolutely recommend the service of "The American Dream" to everybody who wants to realize his dream of living in the USA. We felt well advised at all times - even after the announcement of the win, "The American Dream" was always available with a contact person to answer any questions. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
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    Carsten N. & son Edgar - Waren, Germany
  • We always had it in the back of our minds: at some point, we want to go to the United States. Of course, we participated in the Green Card Lottery, but you never know in advance: When will you be lucky? It comes all of a sudden and unexpectedly.
    I opened the email, and it said "Congratulations!" That made me feel funny at first. And then I went crazy with joy! We had good support through The American Dream. That was the main thing for us as self-employed people: you don't have much time to take care of things on the side. It lifted a burden from us.
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    Stefan and Stanija Kassek - Green Card winners from Brüggen
  • 20 years of Green Card Lottery, now "The American Dream" finally worked. Thanks to the great and always committed TAD team in Berlin!
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    Thomas D. - Berlin, Germany
  • Thanks to the great support from The American Dream, my dream of living in the USA is now a reality! I am heading towards the Sunshine State Florida where I have the feeling that I am at home.
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    Jacqueline L. - Essen, Germany
  • Dear American Dream Team,
    although my dream of emigrating to California has faded into the background, participating in the Green Card Lottery has become a small tradition. When it actually worked after 10 years, I just had to take this unique chance, because you never know what the future will bring...
    Thanks a lot!
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    Steffi M. - Hamburg, Germany
  • The support from The American Dream was essential, especially after the winning notification. The most important thing for me was access to the winner’s community. You can share ideas with all the other winners there: What were their experiences? What is it really like to move to the USA? Which things do you need to consider? It's also very reassuring to hear: It's all relatively easy.
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    Thomas B. - Green Card winner from Bavaria
  • I didn't even know that my husband Sascha had played in the Green Card Lottery. For him, it was always clear that we were going to immigrate to the USA. I was self-employed in Germany, we had built a good life for ourselves, and were in the process of moving into a new terraced corner house - in other words, really typical German. I had already packed all my boxes when my husband called me from the commuter train. At first, I thought something bad had happened. But then he said, "We won the Green Card!" My first thought was, "Oh shit! We bought new furniture! My business is going great! I have a great job that I love! What am I going to do in America now?" But we took the chance, and it was a huge adventure!
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    Monique Menesi from Munich
  • First, I couldn't believe that I really won. Now I can finally hold it in my hand and can start living my dream in the USA. Thanks so much to The American Dream Team. Great service and very helpful!
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    Marijan J. - Pirmasens, Germany
  • I would like to thank The American Dream very much. After several attempts I was very lucky to be selected for the Green Card. Now begins a new phase in my life.
    I have dreamed of a life in America since I was a small child.
    There I want to get to know new people, a new culture and grow personally.
    This year I will move to America and start my new life there.
    Many thanks dear American Dream Team.
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    Michael K. - Ruesselsheim, Germany

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