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Green Card Lottery

The Green Card is the most sought-after immigrant visa in the world. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to obtain in most cases. However, amongst the lengthy application processes for all kinds of immigrants, there is one silver lining: the Green Card Lottery, which is open to people of almost any background.

What is the Green Card Lottery?

Every year, the Green Card Lottery gives 55,000 people worldwide the opportunity to immigrate to the United States without having to have exceptional qualifications, US relatives, or a workplace in the United States.

Anyone who meets the relatively low entry requirements imposed by the US authorities can get a chance to win the lottery with just a few simple steps. The drawing of the winners takes place every year between May and June and is organized by the US government.

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How can I participate in the Green Card Lottery?

With our Green Card Check, you can find out whether you are eligible to participate in the Green Card Lottery by answering a few questions.

Do you qualify? Congratulations! Make the most of your opportunity to win a Green Card by participating via The American Dream.

Register for the Green Card Lottery with us and we'll take care of the rest. After your application, our team will carry out a thorough double-check of your data. If there are still questions, your personal advisor will contact you.

Winning a Green Card in four steps

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Advantages of the Green Card Lottery with The American Dream

By applying via The American Dream, you avoid a possible disqualification by the US authorities as a result of very common formal errors.

Millions of applicants are being disqualified from the lottery every year because even the smallest deviations from the U.S. Department of State's guidelines are not tolerated. One particularly problematic aspect of this is that participants who are disqualified are generally not told that they have been disqualified - let alone the reason why.

As a result, many USA fans make the same mistakes year after year and waste valuable time, even though the chances of winning the Green Card Lottery are very high when participating in the correct way. This will not happen with The American Dream by your side.

The advantages of Green Card Lottery participation with The American Dream

What does participation in the Green Card Lottery cost?

You can choose between different service packages when participating in the Green Card Lottery. In addition to the double application review, the initial counseling, and the guaranteed participation, The American Dream offers other unique services. These include:

  • In case of a win: a flight to and a return flight from the USA are included in the SMART or VIP tariff
  • The VIP tariff includes the preparation for your Green Card interview.
  • The VIP tariff includes filling in and translating the necessary visa forms
  • The Green Card winners’ service

and much more.

What happens after winning the Green Card Lottery?

How life looks like after winning the Green Card Lottery is something our Green Card winners will better tell you themselves. They are spread all across the United States.

Our winner statistics will inform you on how the different nationalities are represented in the annual Green Card Lottery. Our Green Card FAQ answers frequently asked questions about the Green Card application, the lottery process, and the details of Green Cards for married couples and families.

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