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Green Card Winner Service

By winning the Green Card Lottery, you successfully completed the first step on your journey to living the American dream. The next steps, however, are even more important to ensure this. Find out how we can assist you with the complex Green Card application process!

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Benefits of the Winner Service

Applying for the Green Card and especially filling out the online DS-260 form can be a very long and overwhelming process. If you have difficulties with your application or if you are worried about the upcoming Green Card interview, we are happy to support you with our Premium Green Card Winner Service!

By choosing this service you will profit from many benefits that will make your Green Card application process a lot easier and save you much valuable time. If you entered the lottery through The American Dream VIP tariff, these services will already be included in your VIP package!

Individual customer support

Our Green Card agency has more than 20 years of experience in all matters concerning the US Green Card and US immigration. Furthermore, The American Dream staff are government-licensed emigration consultants and you are therefore clearly in good hands with us!

With our unlimited advice by phone and personal consultation, we will help you with all your questions and thoughts without any extra charge. Every customer who chooses the Winner Service will have one individual point of contact at The American Dream who knows all the details of their case and will guide them through the complex process!

Strong together: hands hovering over a desk with documents

With The American Dream's personalized service, your path to a Green Card is simple.

Access to the exclusive winners community

You will also get access to our exclusive winners community, containing lots of valuable advice from our former Green Card winners. Here, you can post your questions and get in touch with other winners. We also offer a comprehensive winner’s guide which has all the important information you need regarding your Green Card application and moving to the USA.

Green card winners wave at camera

In our winners community, you can exchange information with other Green Card winners.

Green Card application preparation

The first step in order to confirm your win is filling out and submitting the DS-260 online form. It is essential that all given answers are true and complete, as otherwise your application might be rejected! Please note that the online form consists of up to 72 pages, so it can be quite overwhelming.

If you book our Winner Service, we will gladly take care of all the paperwork for you and make sure that the information provided is correct. We will complete the comprehensive online DS-260 form for you and prepare and compile the necessary application documents as well. That way you do not have to worry that some data was wrong or missing.

Green Card interview preparation

Sometime after submitting the DS-260 form online you will receive an e-mail notification saying that your interview appointment is scheduled. In order to find out the date, you must log in to the official US DV Lottery website. You will not receive a letter from the US embassy about your appointment. By using our service, we will check the interview appointment for you!

Moreover, we will help you prepare for the Green Card interview. As we have a lot of valuable experience from our former Green Card winners, we can give you good advice on the most frequently asked questions and tell you what to bring to the interview, etc. You can always contact us in case you are worried about your upcoming appointment.

Free Green Card delivery

In the DS-260 online form, you must indicate a US address to which your Green Card should be sent because the Green Card cannot be delivered to an address outside of the United States!

If you do not have one, you are welcome to use the US address of The American Dream. We will then forward your Green Card to your home address. Our Winner Service already includes the service fee of € 100 for this delivery option!

Picture of a US Green Card

With the winner service, the Green Card will even be sent to your home.

Free Social Security Card delivery

Applying for a Social Security Card as soon as possible is essential in order to work or open a bank account in the US. If you stay longer than 3 weeks during your first activation trip to the USA, you can apply for a Social Security Card at the same time.

In case you do not have a US address where your Social Security Card could be delivered, you can also use our US address for that. By booking our Winner Service, we will forward it to your home country for free instead of a service fee of € 50 per person/family.

If you have any questions or want to book the Premium Green Card Winner Service now, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you with fulfilling your personal American dream.