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Are there other ways to get a Green Card?

As a rule, no. It is possible if you invest 1 million US Dollars in the USA, have close family members already there or a job with an employer willing to vouch for you. Even if you get a job in the United States, your advocate must prove to the US government that you are not taking away a job from an American who could do the job just as well. Getting involved in such a case with the U.S. Department of Labor can take years and be expensive. Read more about the different ways to apply for a Green Card.

That means: For people who have no advocate in the USA, it is close to impossible to get a Green Card without the Green Card Lottery program. If you think you have special qualifications or are able to make investments in the USA, you could learn more by looking at our US Visa rubric on our homepage. Naturally, we will be only too pleased to help you with your plans.