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Holger's new life on the farm

Holger followed his parents to their farm in Arkansas after winning the Green Card Lottery already at his third participation. Is he enjoying his new life in the countryside? Learn more in his Green Card review!

Green Card Lottery Registration

Why did you join the Green Card Lottery and decide to participate with The American Dream?

Firstly, my parents had asked me if I would be interested in helping them here on the farm (cattle breeding) and secondly, I wanted to make sure that no formal mistakes were made in the application process.

What was your first reaction after receiving the winning notification?

I participated three times and when I received the notification by e-mail, I initially thought of a fake and called the office in Berlin directly - there it was actually confirmed!

Green Card Application

I have submitted all necessary documents to The American Dream. They were then perfectly prepared and I had no difficulties or concerns. For the interview at the consulate in Frankfurt, my stepmother had written a "letter of recommendation" for me, explaining why my parents wanted me there and a description of the situation on site.

And during my 4 years in the USA I learned that this really has a high social value here in the countryside - a friend of mine wanted to work for the water company and had to name three people who could be questioned about her personality.

How did your activation trip look like?

Well, there was a problem with my work schedule, so I only got four days off. The entry was completely trouble-free, my documents were perfect and I quickly said hello to my parents and friends at home. First of all I took care of my Social Security Card, then I applied for my driver's license and also got it - the most important ID in the States!

Immigration to America

Where do you live now and what are the differences to your everyday life in Germany? What do you like most about living in the USA?

I have resolutely decided to give up any residence in Germany and live here as a so-called Foreign German. I was able to move into Grandma's house immediately and my personal belongings arrived with two wooden containers 4 weeks later.

Since I wanted to take my Aussie with me, I had to apply for the necessary exit papers for him at the responsible veterinary office and after completion we flew from Frankfurt directly to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas - and I was so curious how he made it through that.

He came out of the special cargo rolling on the baggage belt in his flight box - door open, a jump into my arms and the typical: 'And, what do we do now' - look! 2 hours waiting in the terminal for the neighbour and then 8 hours drive to Harrison, Arkansas. Meanwhile my pack has grown to five: 3 Great Pyrenees, 1 Louisiana Cattle Dog and my Aussie. With 240 acres and suckler cow husbandry, currently about 50 cows and 2 bulls, a must.

Beyond us the wilderness begins - no road, deep down it is only accessible by horse, of which we have three. So we have to watch out in case black bear, Mountain Lion, Bobcat and the omnivorous coyotes/wolves appear. A completely new life, in which you first have to find your way - by now everything works out and my dream has become reality.

Looking back, would you decide to move to the USA again?

Anytime - it is and will remain my dream country, especially here 'deep in the South' in the Ozarks!

Would you recommend The American Dream service to other USA fans?

Absolutely - and I can only warmly recommend the higher fee for the activation flight in case you win. That was a difference of several hundred euros that I saved.

Do you have some advice for future winners?

Do not give up as long as the lottery exists and participate - it is not fake! And I cannot thank The American Dream enough for their help and cooperation. There was always a contact person for me - great in every way!