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Nothing's impossible in San Francisco

After winning the Green Card Lottery, Weicai has been living in San Francisco for 2 years now. In his Green Card review he tells us more about his work environment and why he thinks the move was the best decision of his life!

Green Card Lottery Registration

Why did you join the Green Card Lottery?

I was in America (New York City) for the first time in 2011 and wanted to live my American dream ever since. I have always had the feeling that I fit better into the American culture. Via "American Dream" in Google I came across The American Dream and learned about the Green Card Lottery.

What was your first reaction after receiving the winning notification?

I've participated 3-4 times. I couldn't believe it at first and thought it was an advertisement, spam or fraud. It wasn't until I called The American Dream that I knew I had actually won. I was positively shocked. Unbelievable.

Green Card Application

How did you experience the Green Card application process?

Everything was going great and extremely simple. The American Dream book was extremely helpful to get through all the hurdles. I have already recommended The American Dream! Without your help the process would have been much more difficult. 

How did your activation trip look like?

That was in March 2017 - my first time in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley) to find out if I can live there in the long run. The activation went smoothly and relatively fast compared to what I read in the forum. I travelled from Dusseldorf to San Francisco.

Immigration to America

Where do you live now and what are the differences to your everyday life in Germany? What do you like most about living in the USA?

I have been living in downtown San Francisco (SOMA District) for two years now, working in a tech company and earning a 6-digit salary. It was the best decision of my life and I am happy to have taken this step. The work, culture and way of life is very different than in Germany.

I work much more independently, enjoy much more freedom and an open, welcoming culture with an open mindset that lives the motto "Nothing is impossible". I have integrated myself very well and even started my own blog to share my story and motivate others.

Looking back, would you decide to move to the USA again?

100%! I would take that step again and again. Probably one of the best decisions I've made. I have learned and developed so much in the two years, this would hardly have been possible in the German environment.

Would you recommend The American Dream service to other USA fans?

100% and I have even been actively recommending The American Dream to several people who are fascinated by my story. The process and service is worth every Euro.

Do you have some advice for future winners?

Don't give up. Try it year after year and be ready to emigrate because that is a big step. Ask yourselves "What is the worst thing that could happen to me" and "Why do I want to go to America?" - For me it was the feeling of not wanting to regret when I am old and now I am living my American dream!