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USA scholarship 2024/2025: Meet the winners!

The new winners of The American Dream Scholarship have been selected: Charlotta, Klara, and Sarah will start their high school year in the USA in the summer of 2024. We'd like to introduce you to Charlotta and Klara today!

The American Dream scholarship holders 2024/2025

Charlotta's passion for the United States was sparked by family vacations where she discovered the culture and hospitality of the American people. Her determination to achieve the American Dream was strengthened when she discovered The American Dream Scholarship.

The American Dream scholarship holder Charlotta

Charlotta is looking forward to the many new subjects at the high school

The 15-year-old is particularly fascinated by American culture and lifestyle, including high school with its unique subjects.

Her application for the year abroad included a creative stop-motion video using Playmobil figures to tell a story about leaving for the land of opportunity. The project involved nearly 1,000 individual shots and demonstrated not only her creativity but also her dedication.

Creative contribution to The American Dream Scholarship by Charlotta

Charlotta has invested many hours in her stop-motion video.

Charlotta is looking forward to meeting new people, having fun with her host family, exploring new sports, and simply having the best year of her life. She will share her enthusiasm for the USA with us through pictures and videos during her year abroad.

Klara, who is also a 15-year-old scholar, began dreaming of a year abroad several years ago, so she spent a lot of time thinking about it and researching funding options. Discovering The American Dream Scholarship was the starting point for her own personal American Dream.

The American Dream scholarship holder Klara

Plant fan Klara has already spent a vacation in the US southern states.

Klara is fascinated by the cultural and scenic diversity of the USA. A vacation to Savannah, Georgia, sparked her interest in that region in particular, but she remains open to all places in the United States.

She hopes to make a lot of friends during her stay, to become part of the typical American community feeling, and to get involved in sports teams to experience the American "school spirit" firsthand.

Creative contribution to the USA scholarship from The American Dream

Klara spent a lot of time at the sewing machine for her creative contribution.

Klara's creative contribution to the scholarship is a homemade patchwork bag with an appliquéd outline of the United States and custom stickers. The work, which took several weekends to complete, reflects her appreciation for the traditional art form of patchwork as well as her admiration for the country's diversity.

She is now looking forward to her upcoming year abroad, ready to take on new challenges and experience the diverse culture of the USA.

What is the The American Dream Scholarship?

The American Dream Scholarship was launched in 2021 to enable committed and creative students to attend an American high school regardless of their parent's financial situation.

The initiative is supported by the USA experts from The American Dream with a total of € 15,000 per year and implemented by the non-profit organization Partnership International e.V..

Following the call for applications by The American Dream and Partnership International e.V., applicants between the ages of 15 and 17 can prove themselves in four selection rounds, which include a freely selectable creative contribution.

In addition to a love of the U.S., The American Dream Scholarship requires students to volunteer and demonstrate a love of digital storytelling.

The next application round starts in June!

Just like our new scholarship holders, many young people would like to spend a year abroad in the USA. There is good news for these students: The next application round for The American Dream Scholarship will start as early as June 2024!

Click here to apply for The American Dream Scholarship 2025/2026!

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