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What are the photo requirements?

When taking your photo please make sure that you are clearly looking into the camera and the background of the photo is a light neutral color. Your head should take up one-half to one-third of the photo and the tops of your shoulders should also be seen in the photo.

Please be aware that all photos must meet the following requirements: 

  • color photos only
  • light, neutral background
  • no glasses and definitively no sunglasses
  • no hats or other items that detract from the face
  • front facing the camera, no side view or profile
  • photo not older than 6 months
  • photos of previous lotteries should not be used
  • no copies from passports or other documents
  • min. 300 dpi, 51x51 mm, 600x600 Pixel, JPEG File

If applying via post: Please send us a photo which is at least 51 x 51 mm. We will digitally upload your photo into the correct format and size.

Find out more about the photo requirements!

You can upload your photos into your customer account during your registration. With our exclusive The American Dream photo tool, uploading your photos is easily and quickly done. 

The technical requirements such as size and background are checked directly and will be automatically corrected if necessary. After your application, our experts will check the photo again individually and then send you individual feedback.

Important for returning customers: By logging in to your customer account, you can review your application, contact details and photos from last year. It is important that you keep this information up-to-date. You must also upload a new photo of yourself and all family members, if applicable, which reflects your/their current appearance at every participation!