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Green Card Lottery Deadline

If you dream of an unlimited life in the USA, you should get yourself a Green Card. The application deadline for the Green Card Lottery ends on October 20th, 2024! Until then, you can apply for one of the highly desired US immigrant visas with The American Dream.

Green Card Lottery

Take the chance of living in the USA and apply for the official US Green Card Lottery!

What is the Green Card Lottery?

If you want to permanently live and work in the USA, there is no way around a Green Card. Unlike all other US visa categories, the Permanent Resident Card allows you to live in the US for as long as you want. As a Green Card holder, you are also free to choose your place of residence and employer.

Since 1994, the US authorities have been raffling off 55,000 immigrant visas every year in the so-called Green Card Lottery. Applicants from all over the world can participate until the application deadline in the fall. This gives them the chance to be drawn at random in the following spring.

Five steps to win a Green Card

High chances of winning with The American Dream

Despite the millions of Green Card Lottery applications each year, the chances of winning are excellent when participating via The American Dream.

The reason for the great chances for participants with professional support is the high disqualification rate among the remaining participants: almost 40 % of all Green Card applicants drop out of the lottery prematurely due to formal errors.

Since the US authorities do not inform disqualified applicants about their elimination or the reason for their failure, many participants make the same mistakes year after year without even realizing it.

The American Dream will thoroughly review your application, immediately identify any missing, incorrect, or misleading information, and assist you in correcting your information in time for submission to the US authorities.

Thanks to the trained eye and almost 30 years of experience of The American Dream's government-licensed immigration consultants, your Green Card Lottery application is guaranteed to be error-free.

Green Card application deadline

Would you like to be one of the lucky Green Card winners? Then don't hesitate: our registration deadline for the Green Card Lottery DV-2026 is October 20th, 2024. Until then, you still have the chance to participate in the Green Card Lottery with the help of The American Dream and finally make your dream of living in the USA come true!

Once we have received your application, we will review it thoroughly and provide you with feedback. If all data is technically and formally correct, we will submit your application to the US authorities. Throughout the Green Card Lottery process, we will be here to support you and keep you up to date.

Have you registered already? If so, we keep our fingers crossed for your Green Card win!

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