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GreenCard Lotterie DV-2023:

Green Card Lottery Results

On May 8, the U.S. Department of State publishes the results of the Green Card Lottery DV-2022. You can check your Green Card status online here!

Check your Green Card result

All applicants who signed up with The American Dream will receive their individual result via email.

How are the Green Card Winners chosen?

Once you have submitted your application for the Green Card Lottery, you will receive an individual confirmation code. This is an automated process that cannot be influenced. The US authorities randomly select approximately 55,000 of these numbers by using a computer-generated program. These are the winners who can apply for a Green Card.

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When are the Results of the Green Card Lottery announced?

Every year the results of the Green Card Lottery are eagerly awaited. The draw is usually in May, but 2020 it was postponed by one month to June 6 due to the Corona pandemic. However, the exact day on which participants can check their results online differs every year.

Participants of The American Dream can relax, however, because they are always informed by us immediately about their personal Green Card result.

How do I find out my Green Card Lottery Result?

Participants of the Green Card Lottery must check their personal result on their own online! The US authorities do not provide information in the event of a win or a negative result and completely dispense with any notification throughout the entire process.

However, if you have participated with The American Dream, we will of course inform you immediately in any case!

What do I do if I have won the Green Card Lottery?

After you have won, you must send your official application to the US authorities. If you have participated with the help of The American Dream, we will send you all the necessary forms and instructions you need to apply successfully - including an extensive winner's guide!

Depending on the type of service you booked with The American Dream, our Green Card experts will guide you through every step of the process and undertake most of the application part for you.

Do you need help with the next steps? Then benefit from our secure and convenient premium winner service throughout the entire Green Card process. Please fill out the form to order the Green Card service and send it to [email protected]!

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Green Card Winners Worldwide

The European frontrunner of the DV-2021 was Russia with its 6,001 winners, followed by the Ukraine with 5,604 winners and Uzbekistan with 5,319 winners. In recent years, the top position in Western Europe has always been held by Germany, followed by Italy with 289 and France with 272 winners.

The winner numbers of some countries may be overlooked at first glance like the total of 43 for the Netherlands or 41 for Sweden.

Outside of Europe, thousands of lucky winners were drawn as well, like the 2,777 winners in Kenya and the 2,189 winners in Afghanistan! And it doesn’t end there: 1,130 Australian winners are ready to pack their bags and head to the USA along with 1,872 Venezuelans.Those who would like to compare the numbers for each eligible country should take a look at our worldwide Green Card Lottery Winner statistics!

The distribution of the recently announced DV-2022 results has unfortunately not been published yet. As soon as we receive the information from the U.S. State Department, we will post it here. We expect the official numbers to be available by September 2021.

According to our own evaluations, however, the winning rate was, as we expected, significantly higher than last year! Depending on the country of birth, up to 50% more winners were notified than in 2019! This is mainly caused by the strong decrease in the number of participants due to the new passport regulation.

The new Green Card Lottery DV-2023

Living and working in the USA is your biggest dream, but you have missed the last Green Card Lottery or were not a lucky winner this year? Just try your luck again in the new Green Card Lottery DV-2023 - you can register now already! We expect similarly high winning rates as last year, as the conditions for participation have not changed.

Take advantage of our long-time experience and benefits and sit back and relax! We will make sure your application is submitted to the US authorities correctly and on-time. Besides, if you have any questions, our consultants are always happy to help.

What are you waiting for? Take your luck into your own hands by applying now! Participating in the Green Card Lottery is the first big step towards your personal American dream!

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In cooperation with our partner Gymglish, we offer you a 30-day free online English course if you participate in the current Green Card Lottery. The course will provide you with individual lessons that help you become an absolute English professional. It ends automatically after 30 days - there is no need to cancel.

Your next conversation with a real American will be a breeze! Start by registering for the DV-2023 Green Card Lottery and get one step closer to your very own American dream!