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Green Card winner statistics 2023

The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) has announced the detailed winner statistics for the most recent Green Card Lottery in the Visa Bulletin of September 2023.

Your winning chances with The American Dream

Every year, countless USA fans send in their applications for the Green Card Lottery, only to be denied in the end. Up to 40% of all applicants are disqualified each year due to formal errors.

These include, for example, photos that do not meet the formal requirements (this causes more than half of all disqualifications), incorrect information about family status, or various careless mistakes when filling out the form. Since there are many other factors that can cause premature disqualification from the lottery process, the chances of winning a Green Card decrease considerably for many "do-it-yourself" participants.

Unfortunately, the US authorities never inform the disqualified participants about their mistakes. That's why many people participate with the same application data every year, without knowing that they're depriving themselves of the chance to win again and again.

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The American Dream guarantees that no client will be disqualified due to formal errors in the application process by providing professional advice from licensed immigration consultants, the double checking of all documents, and an application process that has been streamlined for almost 30 years.

This ensures unique and optimal chances of winning. All winners also receive comprehensive support along the way until their Green Card is issued. An all-round carefree service that maintains your chances at all times.

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Worldwide Green Card winner statistics

This is how the winners of the Green Card Lottery DV-2024 are distributed all over the world.

Distribution in Western Europe

This year's frontrunners in Western Europe are:

  • Germany (466 winners)
  • France (327 winners)
  • Italy (256 winners)

Moreover, in Switzerland and Austria combined, a total of 64 winners can also look forward to a Green Card.

Distribution in the whole of Europe

This year's frontrunners in the whole of Europe are:

  1. Uzbekistan (5,555 winners)
  2. Russia (5,514 winners)
  3. Kyrgyzstan (4,464 winners)

Distribution in Asia

This year's Asian frontrunners are:

  1. Iran (5,077 winners)
  2. Afghanistan (4,536 winners)
  3. Nepal (3,863 winners)
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Distribution in Africa

This year's African frontrunners are:

  1. Egypt (5,509 winners)
  2. Sudan (5,435 winners)
  3. Algeria (5,142 winners)

Distribution in Oceania

This year's Oceanic frontrunners are:

  1. Fiji (2,936 winners)
  2. Australia (795 winners)
  3. New Zealand (256 winners)

Distribution in North America

The North American frontrunner is:

  1. Bahamas (15 winners)

Distribution in South America

This year's South American frontrunners are:

  1. Cuba (3,081 winners)
  2. Ecuador (814 winners)
  3. Peru (742 winners)

Distribution worldwide

If you want to see the statistics of all participating countries in comparison, you can find them in our worldwide Green Card winner distribution chart. All results of the last 20 years are listed there! You can also inform yourself there about the selection criteria and maximum limits per country in detail.

Once again, the allocation of winners at DV-2024 was a very tight race. This year, the country with the most Green Card winners worldwide was Uzbekistan, an impressive number of 5,555 winners. Russia (5,514 winners) and Egypt (5,509 winners) followed directly behind.

 Green Card winners world map

Green Card contingents of the individual continents

Each continent has its own contingent. Therefore, the number of participants on other continents does not influence the chances of winning for one's own continent. Europeans, for example, have very good chances of winning a Green Card – also in the most recent draw, the odds were as high as 1:45! There is a simple explanation for this:

  • Only a maximum number of Green Cards is awarded per country in the Green Card Lottery, which is approximately 3,500 per year.
  • The largest quotas per continent go to Europe and Africa (over 20,000 Green Cards each).

Take your chance in the next Green Card Lottery

The entire team of The American Dream congratulates this year's lucky winners! We are looking forward to supporting our Green Card winners with their further steps towards the land of their dreams.

Have you not yet been selected as one of the winners this time? Don't give up, try your luck again in the Green Card Lottery DV-2026! Just log in to your customer account and benefit from your loyalty discount as a registered customer. Do you want to give the lottery a try for the first time? Then sign up as a new customer.

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