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USA scholarship with The American Dream

A year abroad in the USA is something many young people desire, but their families often shy away from the high costs. That's why the American Dream is now helping school students to fulfill their American dream.

A year in the USA: Educational chances for everyone!

In celebration of The American Dream's 25th anniversary, we will enable three students aged 15 to 17 to attend an American high school for a half or full school year on an annual basis from now on.

The American Dream supports the new "The American Dream Scholarships" with a total of €15,000 per year. Our partner is the non-profit organization Partnership International e.V..

The scholarships are intended - just like the core business of The American Dream - to make the American dream possible for USA fans, regardless of their financial situation.

Win a high school year in the USA

A high school year with Partnership International

To win one of the desirable USA scholarships worth €6,000, €5,000, or €4,000, applicants must go through a four-stage selection process. The online application process begins with an entry on Partnership International's website.

As a non-profit organization, Partnership International has been strengthening the international networking of young people for more than 60 years and arranges scholarships, exchange programs, and vacations to the USA. The annual awarding of the "The American Dream Scholarships" will be a permanent feature from now on.

USA scholarships: Spread the word and help others!

Do you know a student who deserves a scholarship to spend a year of high school in the USA but can't afford it? Then please pass this information on! 

By the way, you too can help make this unique educational opportunity possible for even more students: Through your donations via, you can increase the number of "The American Dream Scholarships" in the coming years. This way, the three annual winners can quickly become four, five, or six winners per year.

A high school year in the USA: facts and figures

According to Statista, the USA is the most popular country among German exchange students. Over the past ten years, more than 60,000 young people have moved from Germany to live with US host families in order to experience American (school) life up close in one of the official exchange programs.

An exchange year in the United States is like jumping in at the deep end because most students only find out shortly before their departure in which host family and which US state they will end up in. However, they almost always settle in quickly and become experienced New-Americans after just a short time.

American students work together on a project

Just like in the movies: The American school system has exciting new subjects in store.

The fact that students' English skills are brought up to a professional level during a US student exchange program also makes the coveted exchange programs - just like studying in the USA - a reliable career springboard.

The length of the stay in the USA usually depends on the financial resources available and the personal wishes of the students and host families. A period of three months or more is officially referred to as a student exchange. Most high school exchange students spend an entire school year in the USA.

The host family in the USA

The typical hospitality of the Americans makes the USA a real model country for student exchange programs because the host students are an integral part of the family there and experience typical American everyday life with all its rights and obligations. 

This also means attending sporting events together with the host parents and siblings, taking short vacations, watching TV with them, helping out around the house, and sometimes having a bad day altogether. But don't worry: It is also possible to change host families if the chemistry just doesn’t seem right.

Students walking together in the corridors of a high school

Initial language barriers quickly vanish into thin air during an exchange year.

How to win a USA student exchange

The three winners of the "The American Dream Scholarships" will travel to the land of their dreams with their suitcases packed between July and September 2022. Before they can set off, however, they will have to go through four selection rounds, all of which will be carried out by Partnership International e.V.:

1. Short application at Partnership International.

First, all applicants fill out the online form on Partnership International's website to apply for our "The American Dream Scholarships."

2. Getting to know each other at Partnership International

Those who make it to the second round are invited to an interview together with their parents.

3. Written application to Partnership International

Round three includes a letter of motivation: What do applicants want to experience in the USA? What is the "American Dream" for them? Why are they the right ones for this scholarship? 

4. Creative entry

In the final round, the students are allowed to transform their dreams and visions into a creative contribution. The main rule here is: make it exciting and digital.

Requirements for a USA high school scholarship

Students who love the USA and are keen to spend a year abroad can apply for one of three annual "The American Dream Scholarships." We not only clear the financial hurdles but also provide advice and support to the winners.

All applicants should:

  • be committed to volunteering in their free time
  • be true fans of the USA
  • be enthusiastic about the concept of a student exchange program
  • be willing to go to the USA for five or ten months
  • be born between August 1st, 2005 and August 1st, 2007
  • enjoy telling stories (photo, video, text, blog, vlog)

The winners of the high school scholarships will become role models for many students worldwide through our joint posts on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and more.

Girl standing on boardwalk filming herself with smartphone

Share your USA adventure with us and our fans and followers!

Application deadline and winner announcement

The complete application process is carried out by Partnership International e.V.. Our "The American Dream Scholarships 2022/2023" application deadline is November 15th, 2021, and the winners will be announced on December 15th, 2021. If that's not the best Christmas present in the world!