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USA scholarship with The American Dream

The current round of The American Dream scholarships for a US high school year is entering its final phase: Currently, the Partnership International e.V. team is evaluating all applications for the year abroad in the USA!

Exchange student at a high school in the USA

Winning a year abroad in the USA

Many young people would like to spend a year abroad in the USA, but their families tend to shy away from the high costs. That's why The American Dream supports three students every year in making their American dream come true.

Our first winners, Maja, Helena, and Amelie, have spent their year abroad in the USA already. The new scholarship holders Marlene, Nils, and Emilia started their high school year in the summer of 2023, and the next three will get the chance of a lifetime very soon!

Application procedure for a USA scholarship

Students between 15 and 17 can soon apply for one of three "The American Dream Scholarships" again. They must go through a four-stage selection process to get one of the coveted placements worth € 6,000, € 5,000, or € 4,000:

1. Short application to Partnership International

All applicants must first fill out the online form on Partnership International's website to apply for "The American Dream Scholarship".

2. Introductory interview at Partnership International

Those who make it to the second round will be invited to an interview at Partnership International along with their parents.

3. Written application to Partnership International

Round three includes a letter of motivation. What would the applicants like to experience in the USA? What does the "American Dream" mean to them? Why are they the right ones for this scholarship?

4. Creative Contribution

The students may transform their American dreams and visions into creative contributions in the finals. The rule here is: make it exciting and digital!

Three winners may attend an American high school for a half or whole school year and live with a host family in the USA.

Infographic shows the three award categories

Requirements for the USA Scholarship

To win one of three "The American Dream Scholarships," applicants should first and foremost be true USA fans! Regular volunteer work and a passion for storytelling are also a must.

Other requirements:

  • Enthusiasm for the student exchange concept, including a host family
  • Willingness to go to the USA for five or ten months in the summer of 2025
  • Birthdate between August 1st, 2008 and August 1st, 2010
  • Willingness to regularly provide the initiators of the scholarship (The American Dream and Partnership International e.V.) with photos, videos, and/or texts for our news coverage.

Our winners will regularly report from their everyday life as high school students in the USA via blog or vlog. They will also be featured on The American Dream's Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook channels.

Exchange student in USA filmin her life

Fans and followers from all over the world are keeping track of our scholars’ USA adventures.

A high school year in the USA: facts and figures

According to Statista, the USA is the most popular country among German exchange students. Over the past ten years, more than 70,000 young people have moved from Germany to live with US host families in order to experience American (school) life up close in one of the official exchange programs.

An exchange year in the United States is like jumping in at the deep end because most students only find out shortly before their departure in which host family and US state they will end up. However, they almost always settle in quickly and become experienced New Americans after a short time.

Students' English skills are brought up to a professional level during a US student exchange program. This also makes the coveted exchange programs - just like studying in the USA - a reliable career springboard.

The length of the stay in the USA usually depends on the financial resources available and the personal wishes of the students and host families. A period of three months or more is officially referred to as a student exchange. Most high school exchange students spend an entire school year in the USA.

Students walking down the hallways of a high school together

Initial language barriers quickly vanish into thin air during an exchange year.

The host family in the USA

The typical hospitality of the Americans makes the USA a real model country for student exchange programs because the host students are an integral part of the family there and experience typical American everyday life with all its rights and obligations.

This also means attending sporting events with the host parents and siblings, taking short vacations, watching TV with them, helping out around the house, and sometimes having a bad day together. But don't worry: it is also possible to change host families if the chemistry is not right.

A high school year with Partnership International

As a non-profit organization, Partnership International has been strengthening the global networking of young people for over 60 years, arranging scholarships, exchange programs, and vacation programs to the USA. The annual awarding of "The American Dream Scholarships" is an integral part of the program since 2021.

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