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How artificial intelligence helps with immigration

Immigrating to the USA can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are not only human immigration consultants but also artificial intelligence tools that can help you. We introduce you to the best AI-based tools for moving to the USA!

1. ChatGPT

What do I need for my trip to the USA? How does the Green Card process work? Who can explain the complicated rules of the US immigration authorities to me in a way that is easy to understand? With the high-performance language model GPT from OpenAI, you can get the answers faster and more precisely than ever before.

ChatGPT guide for getting started in the USA

The best thing about it: with ChatGPT, you can talk and write just like with a real person! But be careful: when the AI doesn't know right from wrong, it likes to make up “alternative facts” and can mislead you. So for the essential questions, let your human immigration advisor from The American Dream get on with it!

2. The American Dream chatbot

Almost as talented as ChatGPT is our The American Dream chatbot, which has recently been placed on our website. The virtual assistant will help you with questions about traveling and immigrating to the USA, the Green Card Lottery application, ESTA approval, and all other services of The American Dream and its partner.

Chatbot from The American Dream

You can also talk to our chatbot like you would talk to a real person!

3. Learn English with your AI conversation partner Aimigo

If you want to immigrate to the USA but are not yet fluent in English, Gymglish's AI-powered communication tool Aimigo will inspire you!

AI-supported language learning service Aimigo

Aimigo is like an English speaking friend who can be spoken to at any time to help you learn English. Culture, everyday life, travel, business — you can talk to him about anything! Aimigo has a good sense of humor, good memory, and personality and is responsive to your favorite topics!

4. AI for the job search in the USA

Artificial intelligence can help you find a job in the USA in many ways. Optimize your resume with, have it automatically matched with job descriptions on the platform, and submit your application with just a few clicks!

Huru AI for finding jobs in the USA

As soon as you start receiving interview invitations, you can use the Huru smartphone app to practice typical American interview situations.

You need a Green Card to move to the USA!

The use of AI technologies can significantly simplify the process of immigrating to the USA. Nevertheless, your American dream stands or falls with your residence permit! Only a Green Card gives you the right to live, work, and ultimately pursue citizenship in the United States.

One of the best routes to a Green Card is the US government's annual Green Card Lottery. It was set up to give people from countries with low immigration rates to the USA the chance to come to the United States. Every year, around 55,000 Green Cards are awarded through this program.

The registration for the Green Card Lottery only takes a few minutes, and the chances of winning are amazingly high! Give it a try - you might soon be planning your immigration with the help of smart AI tools!

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