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DV-2021 participation rules

The US authorities have published the official instructions for the upcoming Green Card Lottery DV-2021. Find out what's new this year and all you need to know now!

Green Card Lottery

Take the chance of living in the USA and apply for the official US Green Card Lottery!


The requirement to present a passport to enter the Green Card Lottery has been overturned by a US federal judge in 2022. Learn how this came about and why it's good news.

When is the deadline for the DV-2021 Lottery?

The new DV-2021 Lottery has been officially announced - therefore we can now confirm our internal deadline for all Green Card Lottery entries: October 20, 2019!

You want to apply for the DV-2026? Then click here!

Which countries can participate?

The list of excluded countries has remained unchanged from last year. All USA fans who already took part in the Green Card Lottery last year can therefore now take advantage of their increased chance of winning this year!

Higher chances 1

We have already informed you about the new passport regulations as of July 2019. For the first time ever, all participants will need a valid passport to register for the Green Card Lottery. In many countries, however, very few people are actually in possession of a passport.

Worldwide, the number of participants will probably drop by more than half. If you have a valid passport and participate via THE AMERICAN DREAM, your chances of winning will probably increase by more than 100%!

Note: Your passport needs to be valid only until November 2019. However, if your passport expires before the lottery results are announced, it is important that you keep your invalidated passport or a copy of it. If you win, you should be able to prove to the US consulate why your passport number has changed.

Higher chances 2

The photo requirements for the Green Card Lottery have once again been tightened this year. You should pay particular attention to the following:

  • Photos must not be older than 6 months and should reflect your current appearance (also applies to listed family members)
  • Photos from past lottery entries should not be used again
  • Passport photos should not be used

Participants who do not follow these rules may be disqualified! Since the new regulation (Public Notice: 10641) was enacted in July 2019, US consulates have paid considerably more attention to the compliance with all participation rules - including the photos.

Unfortunately, one thing has never changed since the beginning of our operations in 1996: Almost half of the photos submitted to us must be requested again because they do not meet the official requirements. This year, a large proportion of all applicants participating worldwide will probably be disqualified.

However, your application to The American Dream will be checked individually and is guaranteed to enter the raffle: with significantly higher chances! However, avoid any risk: Only you know how old your photo is or which photo is used in your passport. Please read the detailed photo requirements carefully and check your data.

Higher chances 3

For the first time, a full 55,000 Green Cards will be raffled worldwide in a fair distribution in the Diversity Visa Lottery DV-2021. Until now, there had always been a special contingent of almost 5,000 visas for Central America, which has now been dissolved. This automatically increases the chances of winning by a further 10 percent!

Two dice lie on a US flag

Guaranteed participation with TAD!

When you participate in the lottery with The American Dream, you are on the safe side! With over 20 years of experience in US immigration, our government licensed emigration advisors will check all your data and photos carefully. In your own interest, we also make sure that the photo is not the same as in the previous lottery.

Thanks to our double application check, you can rest assured that your Green Card application will be submitted to the US authorities in due form and time.

Trust in our decades of Green Card expertise and you are guaranteed to take part in the lottery! Due to the many new changes in 2019 you have probably the best chances of winning ever!