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These jobs are in demand in the USA

Do you want to live and work in the USA? Then you should know if your skills are in demand in the US job market! US News has compiled a list of the fastest-growing professions in the USA.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the following fast-growing occupations will have the most job openings in the United States in the coming years:

1. Nurse practitioners in the USA

Nurse practitioners in the US are registered nurses who have completed additional training. They perform exams, order lab tests, and prescribe medications like a doctor. However, nurse practitioners are not considered doctors.

The main difference is the amount of formal training. Doctors go through longer courses of study, and their extensive knowledge and higher salaries usually reflect their additional workload. Nurse practitioners are increasingly providing primary care to patients, which is not without controversy.

Nurse Practitioner in the USA

Depending on the US state, physicians can monitor a nurse practitioner's work remotely (e.g., by reviewing medical records). Of course, there are restrictions on specific medical procedures - e.g., a nurse practitioner is not allowed to perform surgery.

As a nurse practitioner or advanced practice registered nurse, you work in a highly respected field and specific patient populations. You may also be involved in research or academia.

Nurse practitioners are well paid for their work, with the top 50 % earning six-figure salaries. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth of 45.7 % through 2031.

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Physician assistants in the United States

In addition to nurse practitioners, there are also physician assistants in the USA. In this field, you can examine patients, diagnose, and administer treatments. You may also assist with medical procedures.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for physician assistants are expected to grow 27.6 % by 2031.

2. Wind turbine technicians in the USA

Wind turbine technicians are professionals responsible for inspecting and maintaining wind turbine generators. They spend most of their time in the tall towers performing maintenance or troubleshooting electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic components.

The growing importance of wind turbine technicians in the US is the result of several factors:

  • Demand for wind power as a renewable energy source is growing in the United States.
  • The US government is investing heavily in expanding wind farms to reduce the use of fossil fuels and combat climate change.
  • New technologies, such as larger turbines, improved rotor blades, and more powerful generators, require professionals familiar with these advanced systems.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for wind turbine technicians are expected to grow 44.3 % by 2031. As a result, the field of wind turbine technology continues to grow and offer promising career opportunities.

Wind turbine technician in the USA

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Solar/Photovoltaic Installer

In addition to wind turbines, solar energy has been rising in the US for years, and photovoltaic installers continue to be in demand alongside wind turbine technicians. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects significant job growth of 27.2 % through 2031.

3. Software developers in the USA

From year to year, we are shifting larger parts of our lives to the digital world. For this, we need computer software and, of course, someone to develop it. Software developers are the brains behind the technologies we often take for granted.

The best developers are both creative and technically savvy to implement ideas. Whether it's a life-changing app or a functional website, developers spend their time writing, maintaining, and fixing programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth of 26.0 % through 2031.

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4. Data Scientist in the USA

With the rise of digitization, it is easier than ever for US companies to gather information about user needs and experiences. However, companies still need to determine what this data means and how to make sense of it.

Data scientists use technology to extract these insights from large amounts of data. They need skills in statistics, quantitative reasoning, and computer programming. They also need to be good communicators to explain the results of their research.

Today, data scientists work in various settings, including NGOs, technology start-ups, government agencies, large corporations, and research institutions.


In addition to data scientists, also statisticians and statistical consultants play an important role in the US. Statistics is a subfield of data science, and statistical consultants focus on analyzing and interpreting the data they collect.

Statisticians can apply their expertise in areas such as the environment, public safety, health, and sports. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is projected to grow 32.7 % from 2031 to 2031.

5. Information security analyst in the US

Data breaches and cyber-attacks are commonplace in the United States. That's why universities, corporations, banks, and government agencies need the help of information security analysts to protect their vast amounts of sensitive user and customer data, such as bank account numbers and passwords, from attack.

Information security analysts identify risks and vulnerabilities in an organization's network systems, develop security standards and procedures to protect sensitive data and investigate data breaches.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth of 34.7 % for information security analysts in the US through 2031.

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6. Choreographer in the US

We were surprised to see choreography among the top 10 fastest-growing occupations in the US, as a choreographer is usually a person who translates stories, feelings, and ideas into movement.

Interest in choreography continues to grow as its use is not limited to the stage but is also in demand in theme parks, resorts, and casinos, as well as the production of computer games, animated films, and virtual reality worlds.

Aside from selling the best TikTok dance trends from the marketing departments of corporate America, a choreographer brings important skills to the following industries:

  • Entertainment
  • Tourism
  • Gastronomy
  • Media production
  • Event industry
  • Technology

And, of course, choreographers will continue to be needed in dance schools and on major stages across the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities will increase by 29.7 % by 2031.

7. Nursing Assistants in the USA

As the population in the United States continues to age and many people wish to stay in their own homes, there is an increasing need for nursing assistants or home health aides in the United States.

When working in the USA, you may be called upon to administer medication and provide physical care to a person in need. You will assist other professionals, such as nurses, social workers, or therapists, plan meals, and help with daily household chores.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, home care employment is projected to grow 25.4 % through 2031.

8. Healthcare Manager

A Healthcare Manager is a planner, coordinator, and organizer who keeps hospitals, nursing homes, group practices, and other medical facilities running efficiently. If you've ever walked into an American hospital and noticed that things are running smoothly here, unlike at home, you have Healthcare Managers to thank.

As a Healthcare Manager, you must work with doctors, insurance representatives, and administrative staff. Interpersonal and communication skills are a plus. You should also have technical skills, as you will be required to work with software and electronic medical records.

The high demand for healthcare managers in the US is due to the increasing need for medical care for an aging population. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment will grow 28.3 % through 2031.

9. Logistician in the USA

Tired of supply chain problems and want to work in the USA? Then you should become a logistician as soon as possible! Many things have been going wrong with supply chains in the United States since 2020. That's why logistics consultants are in demand now more than ever.

Logistics specialists in the USA

As a logistician in the US, you will coordinate the life cycle of a product and oversee the purchase, transportation, inventory, and storage of goods. Possible job titles for logistics consultants include:

  • Inventory management analyst
  • Logistics analyst
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Logistics manager
  • Transportation analyst T
  • ransportation manager

Logistics consultants maintain relationships with suppliers and customers, understand the needs of all parties, and help develop plans to meet those needs. They also identify opportunities for improvement and develop solutions to increase the efficiency of the delivery of goods.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 27.7 % job growth for logistics workers in the US through 2031.

10. Physical therapist assistant

The increasing demand for healthcare professionals has been discussed at length in this article. In addition to the aforementioned nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants, and healthcare managers, physical therapy assistants are also on the rise.

As a physical therapist assistant in the USA, you will assist people with injuries and illnesses. You will implement the treatment plans of physical therapists to help patients regain mobility or relieve pain.

You may manually move the patient's body, perform massage or stretching, explain various exercises, and instruct the patient in their exercises. In addition, you may use various devices or machines to assist in therapy.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of physical therapy assistants is projected to grow 26.5 % through 2031.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Like physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants are in high demand in the growing US healthcare industry. Again, it's all about helping people get better.

As an occupational therapy assistant, you can help people of all ages (re)learn everyday activities like eating with a fork or combing their hair. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for occupational therapy assistants are projected to grow 25.4 % through 2031.

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