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Top 10 reasons to relocate to the USA

The USA is the most beautiful country in the world! Anyone can claim that, of course, but the United States has held the number one spot among the world's most popular immigration countries for centuries. They must be doing something darn right there.

Every year, millions of people are drawn to the United States. Above all, US immigrants are driven by the dream of freedom and opportunity.

What makes the United States a place of longing is the American Dream: "You can do anything here if you want to." This isn't just an empty claim; it's been demonstrated to us by countless Green Card Lottery winners.

In spring 2021, Americans are already knocking the dust off their clothes and getting back to work, while other countries are still pondering whether they may have been a little too slow in the Corona Crisis.

This is mainly due to the "Do it!"-mentality of the people in the United States. Everyone who wants more from life than waiting for retirement meets in the States. This is another reason why the USA is a dynamic, optimistic, and successful country full of inspiration and positive energy.

Not convinced yet? Then take a closer look at our ten reasons to move to the USA:

#1: Hard work gets rewarded

You've probably been there: with a top education, you've been doing a great job for years, working overtime, and yet the colleague who compliments the boss the most gets promoted. Well, that will happen to you far less often in the USA.

Several people paddle blue boats in competition

Working in the United States is primarily based on numbers. If you are hardworking and can prove your good work results, you will get ahead. It also doesn't matter whether you are a foreigner or not.

Of course, the USA is also the country with the best universities in the world, but you don't need Harvard, Stanford, and MIT on your resume to make it to the top. A positive mindset, combined with a strong will, is the door opener.

#2: Everyday innovations

Pragmatism and creativity make everyday life in the USA more comfortable, more efficient, and less frustrating compared to many other countries.

A drive-in ATM in the USA

You are less likely to be stuck in endless telephone loops, only to hear the phrase "we're not in charge" in the end or to stand in queues for hours.

In America, there is a real competition to make each other's lives easier. A few of the most practical inventions are:

  • School buses that pick up kids at home
  • Free public restrooms
  • Drive-throughs for just about everything (e.g., bank, pharmacy, medical services)
  • Free drinking water and free refills at restaurants
  • Ice machines in the refrigerator and every hotel hallway
  • Shredders in the kitchen sink

The list could go on and on. Can you think of any more things that are just better in the US than at home? Then write to us on Instagram!

#3: Diverse food culture

Have you ever tried real American ice cream? You won't want to eat anything else for the rest of your life! Well, we wouldn't recommend that, of course. We just want to say that life is delicious over here!

A colorful American cake with various cupcakes stands next to an ice cream sundae

Even if you're not into sweets, you'll find the best food from all over the world in the American melting pot of cultures. Also, it's cooked by those who know how it’s done, and the portions are huge!

Our culinary highlights in the USA:

  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Ice Cream Float
  • Real American Iced Tea
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • Apple Butter
  • Pecan Pie
  • Hash Browns
  • Real American Cherry Pie

#4: Streamlined bureaucracy

Did you know that you can change your name at will in the USA? It's just one of many examples of why the United States is a great place for spontaneous and creative people.

A hand stacks building blocks with innovation drawings

The "Common Law" legal system in the US is based on court decisions, some of which are centuries old. Thus, laws in the States have "grown naturally" and often make much more sense than in typical bureaucratic countries. Being freed from rigid, dusty paragraphs can feel like a real relief after moving to the US.

By the way, you can also start a company in the USA within a few minutes and with very little money. This maximizes great ideas and business models instead of burying them under bureaucratic barriers and files.

#5: Stunning nature

Please take a deep breath now! Can you smell that? Dusty bison fur in the evening sun, fresh dew in dense mangrove forests, salty sea spray, and seaweed scent. The USA has everything in abundance.

Six pictures show Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Northern Lights in Alaska and Monument Valley in USA

Your eyes, ears, and nose will have to get used to the diversity and beauty of the United States. Nowhere else will you get laughed at by a peacock on the way to your pick-up truck in the morning, have to shoo a black bear off a garbage can, and be careful not to run over a turtle as you roll down the driveway.

It is so much bigger and more beautiful than you think. Please take a look. Otherwise, you won't believe it.

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#6: Mega Stores

Besides the fact that your visit to an American supermarket will almost feel like an evening in a nice bar (Not talking to people? Impossible!), the maximum level of convenience will surprise you.

Three people standing between supermarket shelves in an American mega store.

The vast American mega stores have an incredibly huge offer 24 hours a day. They are so big that there is no crowding between the shelves, and there are many additional services that make shopping easier and more convenient. A few examples:

  • Coffee grinders to grind your own coffee
  • Packing service at the checkout
  • Medication sales in the integrated drugstore (recently even with vaccination stations)
  • Customer restrooms

You don't need much more for a relaxed shopping day, do you?

#7: Driving as an event

When driving in the USA, several advantages of American life come together: Plenty of space, little bureaucracy and the relaxed attitude of the Americans.

A Mustang driving over an american country road

Here, everything is a little easier: choosing a license plate, taking a driver's test, keeping your car safe. Also, instead of angry drivers and a lot of honking, the most you'll get annoyed by in the USA are moose and bears.

#8: Your own home as a feel-good zone

Like so many things in the USA, buying your own home is easier here. Americans benefit from a generally high net income compared to real estate prices, which means they can afford more and better housing (depending on the area).

typical american single family house

Even though they are primarily prefabricated houses with fake luxuries (e.g., the "wood" on the facade is, in fact, concrete), the living experience inside and out is truly enjoyable.

You get bigger bathrooms, oversized beds, at least one fireplace, fixed closets, and usually ready-equipped kitchens with stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave provided.

Even in rental apartments, the equipment is usually provided already, and you don't have to worry about the refrigerator and other things.

#9: The American attitude

Having been to the USA before, you may have been a bit shocked at the brusqueness and distance of your nationals when you returned home. It's not a myth that Americans are much more open and friendly than many other folks.

 A crossing guard smiles as she walks through a crosswalk with some children

The all-American team spirit is a blessing. If you are successful or lucky at something, people will be happy for you. If you fail at something, people will help you up and encourage you to try again. Also, there is a huge willingness to donate. If you are in need, you will not be left alone.

Most Americans are also very humorous and quick-witted, so they are always up for a funny repartee (this also applies to business meetings!).

By the way: If you don't tip in the USA, you won't make any friends.

#10: The Green Card Lottery

"Welcome home!" Those are the words a new Green Card holder hears at the US border when they first travel to the United States on their immigrant visa. Even after 25 years in the US immigration business, we at The American Dream get goosebumps whenever one of our Green Card winners shares this experience.

Image of a Green Card

The Green Card Lottery itself is a reason to give the USA a shot. No other country in the world has a comparably simple and fascinating selection system for new immigrants. If you win the Green Card, you get an unlimited residence and work permit for the USA and the unique chance to make it in the land of opportunity.

Since it's hard to plan for this good fortune - other than to keep trying - new winners are always surprised, euphoric, and full of enthusiasm when they finally arrive in the States. This mentality of the new immigrants makes a "melting pot" like America even more attractive and fascinating. The American Dream for everyone!

Every year, this dream comes true for 55,000 winners of the Green Card Lottery. You can do it too. Our promise to you: it's worth it!

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