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USA Scholarship: Application deadline 2023 has passed

The third round of The American Dream Scholarships is entering its final phase: all applications for a high school year in the USA will be reviewed in the coming weeks. Winners will be announced in January.


Well arrived in the USA

Our USA scholars Marlene, Emilia, and Nils are settling into their host families as the final applications for The American Dream scholarships for the 2024/2025 school year roll in at our partner, Partnership International is reviewing applications for The American Dream Scholarships for the 2024/2025 school year.

There is a lot to do for our new high school students. We are happy to receive the first photos and stories from the USA!

Emilia is in New York!

Emilia's host family in New York State is an absolute lucky find. She spends a lot of time with her host mother, Anita, and her second host student, Marta, from Italy. Movie nights with popcorn have already become a cherished routine.

Host family in New York

When Emilia arrived at the airport, not only Anita and Marta showed up, but also her host grandma! In addition, there was a delicious, typical American cake as a welcome!

With this lovely welcome, the initial uncertainties and the efforts of the long flight were immediately forgotten!

Start of high school in the USA

Although high school wasn't officially supposed to start for Emilia until six days after her arrival in New York, she naturally wanted to get started right away. So, the day after her arrival, she was already at school selecting her courses for the coming semester.

Choices included a mix of required subjects such as American history, English, and math, but she could also pick out her own electives. She chose cooking classes and the school choir.

Emilia immediately got into contact with her classmates, as their interest in her origin and culture was enormous. And when the “tryouts” start again in November, she will take the chance to get into cheerleading and tennis.

Student exchange in Indiana, USA

Marlene enjoys her time in Indiana

Scholar Marlene had only flown twice before and naturally had some concerns. To her surprise, the trip went smoothly, and the airport staff was extremely helpful. Upon arrival in Indiana, she was greeted by her host family, who presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Host family in the USA

Marlene's host family includes Emma, Ben, and Annie, as well as a number of pets. The many activities she shared with her host sister meant that she was able to integrate well and quickly felt at home.

Homecoming Week in den USA

Homecoming week was a very special experience. From the costume days to the pep rally to the homecoming dance, Marlene was able to immerse herself 100 % in American high school culture.

American Football in Colorado

Nils is in American Football heaven

Nils attends a busy high school in Colorado with about 1,400 students. The Wildcat, the school's mascot, can be seen at every American Football game.

Training in Colorado

Nils has always wanted to be part of a football team, and now his dream has finally come true. The hard training sessions, the camaraderie in the team, and the exciting game atmosphere offer him everything he imagined for his high school year.

American football training in the USA

High School Life in the USA

Nils' daily schedule at the high school is tight: he starts at 8 a.m. and often stays until 6 p.m., after which he devotes himself to homework.

Nils has a variety of classes to choose from and shares two classes with his host brother.

High School Timetable in the USA

The next chance for a USA scholarship starts in the summer of 2025!

USA fans between the ages of 15 and 17 must wait for the next application round to qualify for one of three The American Dream scholarships for a high school year in the USA!

Above all, our applicants should be real USA fans, volunteer in their spare time, and have a love of storytelling, so they can regularly report on their adventures in the USA.

Other requirements:

  • An enthusiasm for the concept of student exchange including a host family
  • Willingness to go to the US for five or ten months in the summer of 2024
  • A birthdate between August 1st, 2007 and August 1st, 2009
  • The willingness to regularly provide the initiators of the scholarship (The American Dream and Partnership International e.V.) with photos, videos, and/or texts for reporting purposes

We are keeping our fingers crossed for all applicants for The American Dream Scholarship 2024/2025!

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